Universal Languages of Connection

Abigail Washburn‘s ‘Song of the Traveling Daughter’ has always been one of my favorite folk songs.  She fascinates me with her soul catching melodies and Mandarin lyrics.  But more importantly, she understands and illuminates how music, like most art, is an universal language that has the ability to bridge cultures and connect hearts.  In this TED […]

What is Resilient Mindset?

People often ask me what I mean when I talk about resilient mindset.  Here is an excerpt from my practicum paper: Opening Minds – A Resilience Process for Sustainability, that explains my thoughts… To have a fuller understanding of what resilient mindset is, it is necessary to understand what mindset and resilience are.  To comprehend […]

What’s it worth?

Ever have moments where you just don’t want to do something or anything for that matter? You’re momentarily disenfranchised with everything…but frustrated because secretly you do want to do something…you just don’t know what. In moments like this my mind will run in an entertaining feedback loop. I don’t want to do what I am […]