Stand up & Speak your Passion

All great ideas start somewhere.  While the seed for my study of personal sustainability & resilience was sown much earlier, this presentation of my work was my first big milestone.  I’m proud of it, but it also makes me laugh when watching…in a ‘puts hand over eyes’ ‘did I really just say that?’ ‘I look […]

Exploring Resilience: A Look into Self-Practice & Process – Episode 2

This week’s process interview is with a doctor girlfriend of mine who wished to remain anonymous.  We’ll call her Dr. Orange.  Dr. Orange is an emergency medicine resident at Alameda County Medical Center.  In addition to being a doctor, she is also quite the sporty and crafty individual.  She welds, sews, sails, swims, plays rugby, […]

A Portrait of Visual Collaboration

This is graphic visual aid that I co-created with Forest Stearns. It was used for a case study presentation in my Supply Chain & Green IT Operations class at Antioch University New England. It is the first of many collaboration ideas to come.