Universal Languages of Connection

Abigail Washburn‘s ‘Song of the Traveling Daughter’ has always been one of my favorite folk songs.  She fascinates me with her soul catching melodies and Mandarin lyrics.  But more importantly, she understands and illuminates how music, like most art, is an universal language that has the ability to bridge cultures and connect hearts.  In this TED […]

Daemons of Inspiration – Nurturing Creativity

Ever been in that state of mind where you put off the things you love for the sake of finishing the things you absolutely have to finish.  But by the time your mind is able to think of those labors of love, the stories and thoughts are piles so high that it is overwhelming to […]

Failure is an option, but fear is not.

When recently watching James Cameron’s TED talk, I was struck by his parting thought: “Failure is an option, but fear is not.” I starting thinking about all the times I’ve been told “Failure is NOT an option,” and how often other people must have heard this too. In one hand we’re told we need to […]